As promised: Interesting Treats – Nicole Philipp

I’ve been holding off on posting this until I was able to fix my technical issues.  This is one blog post that NEEDS photos.  While in Beijing, many people in the tour party went exploring.  What did we come across?  Delicious treats, of course!  In addition to foods like Peking Duck and dim sum, there was this:

Yes, the picture above is scorpions on a stick!  I obviously had read about this in the various tour books I perused prior to the trip, but, like most things, this was quite the experience in person.

In addition to scorpions, there were millipedes, silk worms, starfish and grasshoppers.

I’m sorry to say, even though I’m willing to try most foods, I wasn’t adventurous enough to try the grasshoppers and scorpions.  Overall though, the food has been delicious, and I think many of us can say we’ve added new foods to our favorites lists.

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