A note from a Beijing patron – Nicole Philipp

Below is a lovely email PSO President Larry Tamburri received following the first tour concert in Beijing.  (I'll be posting a blog soon with an update on the first two tour concerts, and some interesting treats.)  Anyway, I wanted to share the email – with permission of course – because it's always nice to hear from the locals while we're on tour.

Ms. Koo writes:

As an American ex pat living in Beijing, I want to tell you how much I enjoyed the performance at the NCPA here. My NY roots and long standing residency in CA have afforded me many opportunities to hear first class orchestras, however this concert will always hold a special place in my memories. If it were up to the ticketholders, we would still be there.

It was a privilege to be at the egg for a wonderful program and extraordinary musicians.

In watching the faces of the local people around me, I know they also appreciated the magic of the evening.

Sandy Koo

Thank you for the wonderful email, and please know you're always welcome in Pittsburgh!

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