I can’t avoid the glance – Doug Bauman

I really enjoyed the concert this evening, it was one of the best I've ever heard. The piano concerto was succinct and beautiful. Osorio did a great job.

One of my favorite symphonies of all time, from Dvorak, No. 8, was played with such verve, I was simply blown away, I can't explain it any other way, except, via a poem. I read later, in the notes, that the opening movement is 'surprisingly dark and pensive'. I'm not sure what they mean by that, perhaps the use of deeper tones, but to me, it is beautiful, and appeals to a fuller range of my appreciation. I don't find it in any way 'dark', just rich and vibrant. You tell me (external link). The use of bass, cello and viola simply add much color. I also want to thank Manfred Honeck and the PSO for the new seating arrangement of the musicians in this concert; the location of the basses on the left perhaps augments the sound.

Nary a virtuous spell, could break me free,
but is that not my fateful chance?
I am too weak, ever mesmerized,
ever captured, caught up in trance

Some hours ago she was mine,
I was her one thought refined,
even as I guess that I opined,
but now its just a dream fading quickly out of mind

Meld back to that fateful night,
as I arrived unseen and ready for next flight,
prospects unknown,
wisdom somewhat grown,
knowledge of what once could be, or might

Spellbound, bound by your spell,
with subtle mystery all but around
Hearkening night, surreal petals
set to obscure what's yet unfound

Bold orange passage, finite and forthright
I'm looking down beyond my humble height
adroitly nimble fingers dancing digits slight
rich timbre broad and full, what thou recite

Look into my eyes, smile, now furrow your brow
quick glance will tell, mimic my style
grim and prim, avoid sudden certainty
and oft on a whim, please linger a while

I am hypnotized, I can't avoid the glance,
I've a maestro to observe, but by chance
that you are in that line of sight,
serendipity not unknown this night

Nary a virtuous spell

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  • More of what I liked:
    The volume levels of all the instruments seemed more equally balanced, for instance, the brass didn’t overshadow the strings. If this was planned by Honeck, to perhaps tone down the brass, in relation to the rest, I believe it was a good choice, the sounds were very pure and clear.

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