Carnegie Music Hall – Premier of Beethoven Oboe with full symphony – Doug Bauman

Tonight I enjoyed a magnificent premier of a composition reconstructed by Renate Rosenblatt of a draft of an Oboe Concerto by Beethoven. When I say premier, I mean that it is the first time ever played with full orchestra. The acoustics at Carnegie Music Hall are more intimate, beautiful in their own way, and for the first time I experience true stereo, or perhaps surround sound. This is my first time at this beautiful hall. Being this close at this hall is a desirable place to be.

Renate Rosenblatt spoke herself before the concert, along with Jim Cunningham. We got to find out some more about the ideas and techniques she used to reconstruct the movement, the slow movement, based on a sketch done by Beethoven. It is now called the Adagio for Oboe and Strings. Some of here comments as she passed around the draft score: “The only thing that is legible is the opening theme, six measures… and the rest of it is sort of — scratches, blots. Not every note was engraved in stone. He worked on sketch after sketch, and crossed things out — was a little messy… It’s like a jigsaw puzzle where some pieces are missing.”

When the Adagio was over, I was more than impressed. I could easily imagine this being the original composition by Beethoven, in fact, I was wanting for more. I wished I could have listened to the first and third movements as well, if they existed.

Click here and here for the audio of the chat (not great quality, but interesting).

What an ornate entrance!

And inside, the hall is spectacular!

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