Feelings of love: Beethoven’s 8th – Doug Bauman

Beethoven's 8th symphony this weekend — one of my favorites. I think the upbeat nature of the piece brings me joy, that, coupled with the notion that I read that Beethoven was in love with his Immortal Beloved and that this symphony is about that love, gives me an interesting feeling about this one. So I can't wait to experience it one more time!

Beethoven had a particular affection for this work that he referred to as "my little symphony"… Many have detected in the Eighth Symphony "a mood of joyous acceptance of life and the world" (Ernest Newman) and a sense that it "transports us into a sphere of laughter, play, and the exuberant release of bound energy" (Solomon)… During 1812 Beethoven had been deeply in love with the woman who has become known to posterity as his "Immortal Beloved".

Can one wonder that writing such a beautiful piece of music might be influenced by those feelings of love, gained or lost, it's still there, and it has a profound influence. I also note that the guest conductor this weekend will be:

Rafael Frühbeck de Burgos, conductor
Andrés Cárdenes, violin

Symphony No. 8

Ludwig van Beethoven:   
Édouard Lalo:    Symphonie espagnole
  Mr. Cárdenes
Maurice Ravel:    Bolero

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