Stop and listen – Cynthia Closkey

refresh, photo by biskuit on Flickr

This week is a crammed one for me, with some challenges at work, scheduling conflicts in volunteer groups I work with, and the daily minutia of trying to live a happy and healthy life.

With all that’s going on, I’m particularly looking forward to one event coming up: the Classical Season Preview Concert this Friday evening at the Symphony. It will be my reward for surviving the week, a treat to usher in the weekend and rejuvenate the mind and senses.

I have little idea of what will be performed, and I like it that way. From the title I gather that there will be sections and elements from the works coming up this season. I’m not knowledgable about classical music, so this will be a bit of a primer for me — quite helpful.

But what I’m looking forward to this Friday and in the coming season — a major reason why I am excited to join the Symphony blog — is the opportunity to incorporate music into my life. I listen to the songs in my iTunes library every day, constantly, but that selection is obviously limited and informed only by what I already know.

A new season of Pittsburgh Symphony concerts brings new works, works that are well-known by most but new to me, and new interpretations and combinations. All this fresh mental input can lead to nothing less than joy.

(Photo credit: "refresh" by biskuit on Flickr.)

2 thoughts on “Stop and listen – Cynthia Closkey”

  • The satisfaction of experiencing the familiar in a different way, the joy of hearing something new: that’s part of what I love about subscribing to the symphony. And live music is so vastly different from recorded, even if recorded live: the emotion, the unknown, the journey, the collaboration (not just among the musicians, or even the orchestra and the conductor, but also with the audience).
    Enjoy the season!

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