Myths about concerts dispelled – Doug Bauman

Andrew Druckenbrod published an excellent article recently in the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette, Symphony prep 101: Nothing to fear at classical concerts. Another version also appeared in his blog. Since he was nice enough to add my suggestion, I thought I’d cross reference here. He tries to dispel certain myths about classical concerts. Here are the few suggestions I had for him:

Myth: You must understand music to enjoy a concert.

comment: Check out many movies, TV shows, commercials or Bugs Bunny/Tom and Jerry cartoons 🙂

What’s to understand? You just hear it and enjoy the music.

Myth: Classical music is old and irrelevant.

comment: How can it be irrelevant when it is widely used in media. It’s relevant and people don’t even know it. Go to the concert, close your eyes, and imagine Jerry running from Tom.

Here’s an example: Tom & Jerry conducting at the Hollywood Bowl. And of course one of my favorites: Tom and Jerry Piano Concerto where Tom is playing the Hungarian Rhapsody No. 2

This is all in fun, but believe me, the concerts really are a lot of fun

Extra credit: who can name the tune they are playing at the very beginning of the Hollywood Bowl episode? (also at the very end)

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