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On Thursday evening, March 27th at Carnegie Music Hall in Oakland, the Pittsburgh Symphony Chamber Orchestra welcomed the MBA Network.  Before the concert, students, faculty, board members and alumni of Pittsburgh’s top Business Schools joined together for a networking opportunity.  The event was collectively supported by the Deans of Carnegie Mellon’s Tepper School of Business, Duquesne University’s AJ Palumbo School of Business Administration, Robert Morris University’s School of Business and University of Pittsburgh’s Katz School of Business.

The event started to take shape when students of these business schools were surveyed about the type of extra-curricular activities they would like to see offered.  The MBA Network is a fun way to introduce students to one another as well as to Pittsburgh’s Business professionals.  This is the beginning to a great tradition of events for the MBA Network.  Next, there is interest in creating a complimentary event for the law profession.

(By the way, if your group is interested in hosting an event, contact the PSO Group Sales Department at 412.392.4819 or

Enjoying the Night

The Pleasure of Good Company

The Grandeur of the Hall

The Providers of liquid courage

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  • My brother now lives in Pittsburgh. I am considering moving there one day and wanted to find out a bit about the classical music and cultural scene there. Thanks for this blog, I enjoyed it.

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