Recording Brahms: The 3rd & 4th Symphonies – Naomi Yoran

November 11th marked the conclusion of Brahms‘ four Symphonies live recordings. Once again the PSO is adding its voice to the eternal treasures of recorded music. I imagine that in a couple of months, when listening to these recordings, knowing that I was there, watching Marek Janowski conduct these concerts will add to my delight of loving Brahms.

I know that when ever I will listen to these recordings, the notion
of passing time will linger in my mind. At first it might be: "Oh, I
was there & I even remember the configuration of the orchestra, the
familiar faces of the musicians"… Later, it might take a more
nostalgic sentiment… we were all there, the music pulled us together
and it became a record for the future. Future? How long of a future
will I be part of?

Usually I have these kind of musings "in reverese". How was it in the past, before recording existed? How did Brahms (or
any composer) feel listening to his creation being performed? Music, so
different from any other art form, is so depended on time… If it was
not performed, it hardly existed and when the performance was over, the
music was gone…

Is this why each concert feels as a celebration of sorts? as an affirmation of life? as marking Time?

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