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"love song and hymn of joy, time, movement, rhythm, life, and death."

Turangalîla-Symphonie – the sole work on our Mellon Grand Classics concert this week (it is about 75 minutes worth of music…), by Olivier Messiaen – is one riot of a piece!

Just came out from listening to rehearsal this morning, and I have to
say, it lived up to expectations.  The only other time I’ve heard this
work performed live, I was a scuff-knee’d 10-year-old, blissfully
unaware of  the concert my parents were taking me to, and then to sit
through it – well, it’s one of the reasons I’m working with symphony
orchestras now. 

And so, I’ve been eagerly anticipating this week’s concerts since we first announced the season back in February 2006…

Simply put, there is nothing quite like this piece, and nothing quite
like hearing (and seeing) an orchestra full of outlandish percussion
instruments, bolstered by extra brass and winds and most of all the
crazy-sounding Ondes Martenot.  No other experience I know of can
replicate the sheer emotion of experiencing Turangalîla in person. Now I’m absolutely itching for the performances this weekend!

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  • I would have driven 5 hours to hear this, having just missed the TSO do it in April. ARGH!!!

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