Perfection:Yan Pascal Tortelier, the PSO & Garric Ohlsson performing Ravel, Lutoslawski & Rachmaninoff – Naomi Yoran

Last week, when the concert was over, I wished to hear the whole program all over again! This feeling happened to me before but I usually gathered my patience and come back the next day (if I am lucky enough and the PSO is performing on Sunday). Last week, I hardly could leave the hall.

Yan Pascal Tortelier, Garick Ohlsson and the PSO created a magic, beautiful organism, so complete and perfect that it was impossible to let go…

Each of the three pieces sounded perfect in their own way.

Ravel’s ‘Mother Goose Suite’ reminded me of those
French impressionistic paintings where landscapes with their shimmering
colors come alive & the illusion of movement takes me from a two
dimensional picture to a four dimensinal universe where depth &
time join. Music, as always, offers us the fourth dimension, but the
perfection at the last concert, was uniquely born by the composers,
conductor and the orchestra, offering us moments which could have
lasted for ever.

I believe that it was my first hearing of Witold Lutoslawski’s music.  His ‘Concerto for Orchestra’
composed more than 40 years (1954) after Ravel’s Suite, sounded
expectedly contemporary. But still, it continued to evoke in my mind a
sense of those modern abstract figures where form, color & movement
unite to become a great piece of art.

THe psychological time-line was no more linear following the intermission. Rachmaninoff’s ‘Concerto No.3’ which was composed almost in the same year (1909) as Ravel’s ‘Mother Goose’, brought me back to the romantic era: so personal in projecting the composer’s emotions, so powerful in projecting Ohlsson’s virtuosity and so penetrating & capturing my own feelings.

Still, it was right timing. A triangle of 20th Century music,
performed by perfect musicians with it’s earlier period, mid way and
back to it’s connection with past times.

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