Coming Soon: Guest Blogger Lisa Bryington – Blog Host Jeff

Next week, the PSO welcomes a special addition to its staff:
Lisa Bryington. Lisa is currently making
the extended rounds at four orchestral organizations throughout the country on
the American Symphony Orchestra League’s yearlong Orchestra Management
Fellowship Program

To me, her story seems eerily familiar as I was in her exact
shoes (well…maybe not literally) two years ago, prior to becoming a full time
staffer at the PSO.

The shared and one-of-a-kind stories of the Fellows always
make interesting conversation fodder which is why, for the past few years, many
Fellows have maintained blogs over the course of their adventures, including yours truly.

Lisa, as it just so happens, is no exception as you can see
here in the collective blog of this year’s five Fellows. So, it was natural for us to ask her to lend
her thoughts to our blog as a guest blogger over the next few months.

Welcome Lisa, enjoy the ‘Burgh, and happy blogging!!!

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