The trials and tribulations of visiting artists – Blog Host Jonathan

Behind the scenes factoid of the week:

Our Principal Guest Conductor Yan Pascal Tortelier only just made it to Pittsburgh in time for rehearsals – his plane from Europe to the East Coast was delayed, causing him to miss his connecting flight to Pittsburgh last night.  Half a night spent at an airport and an early morning flight later and the Maestro arrives in town, understandably quite fatigued. Always the consumate professional, he was his usual spritely self through rehearsals today and led the orchestra through some wonderful playing of Scheherezade and  the  Roman Carnival Overture – Pieces that will be heard on the Florida Tour Concert next week. along with the Saint-Saens Violin Concerto

Am jealous of all those lucky West Palm Beachers who’ll get to hear a great concert while we get rained on in Pittsburgh…

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  1. John Nemaric says:

    May I ask (seriously) that the name be changed from K-Mart to WallMart? It’s full of old ghosts!!! It’s no fun!

  2. Johannah says:

    Posts like this brieghtn up my day. Thanks for taking the time.

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