The Journey begins – Bob Lauver

The orchestra is gathering at gate B-37 here in the Pittsburgh
International Airport preparing to start the epic journey to Patras
Greece, via Philly and Frankfurt.  We’re approaching the "24 hours
until arrival" point.  Lots of ground and ocean to cover before then.
The worries I had over security were calmed quickly.  Keeping to the
new guidelines concerning liquids, gels, etc. was easy and the process
went smoothly.  I was through the line with my shoes back on and my
horn and backpack on my back in 5 minutes.  It would have been shorter
if I had thought to put on slip-on shoes before I left.  It’s always a
point of relaxation to see a total of four horn players at the
departure gate.  We already have enough bodies to cover the concert
from the horns perspective.  We’re almost always the first complete
section to show up on stage and at airports…..I don’t know what it
is…..we’re just eager to get at it.
My wife Marina and our 3 girls, Madeline, Lily and Sophie are coming
along on this trip.  They are going straight to Dublin today and I will
catch up with them there on the 26th (four days from now).  I hope that
we are able to stay in touch after our separate arrivals.  This
wireless age is giving me hope that I’ll know when they’ve arrived
safely.  More at another hot-spot down the road……

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