50 years with the PSO – Jessica Schmidt

Bassist Jim Krummenacher is one of the several PSO musicians who will
be retiring after the 05-06 PSO season has finished.  He has written a
letter that has been posted backstage at the PSO, but we feel it should
also be shared with our blog visitors.  I think it sums up the whole of
the "family" feeling we all have the privilege of experiencing in this
field and with this orchestra.   I hope you will enjoy it as much as we
have.  Jim’s retirement is unbelievably well-deserved, but we’re going
to miss seeing him in the bass section…we are happy that he will now
be able to enjoy the sound of the PSO from the audience!

"I owe so much to so many– First, by eternal gratitude to God through my parents for whatever ability I have. 

Then to my fellow musicians; those past, appreciation for their
legacy enabling our livelihood today, to my present colleagues with
whom it’s been such a privilege to perform.

To all the PSO staff, management, and volunteers; that total
Organization without which the Orchestra could not function, thank you
for making my career possible.

Most importantly, remembering the great composers, without who, none of us would have had a job!

And finally, I return my Bravos! to the Audience.

But for their presence and applause, all the inspired compositions
and magnificent renditions in the world would be meaningless, if
performed in an empty auditorium!

Thank you one and all for these 50 years.

-Jim Krummenacher"

1 thought on “50 years with the PSO – Jessica Schmidt”

  • I believe it was 1974 when I first met Jim Krummenacher. I was singing with the Penn State Choir performing Beethoven’s Ninth Symphony at Heinz Hall. Over the next 2 years the PS Choir sang several times with the PSO including the grand opening of the new Auditorium at Penn State. Several of us in the bass section of the Penn State Choir developed a close relationship with Jim during that time. In fact, Jim wrote me a letter in February of 1978, three years after I last saw him, to take the time to encourage me in my music ministry and to congratulate me on my upcoming marriage. He enjoyed visiting Calvary Baptist Church with Reverend Dick Ottosen whenever he visited State College. I don’t know if you could get this message to him but if you can, let him know that Linda and I are still married and our music ministry is still going strong. Jim made a lasting mark on my life with his vibrant faith and willingness to encourage young musicians. I will be eternally grateful for his friendship and witness. Sincerely in Christ,
    Bob Rambo
    York, PA

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