In Limbo – Alison Fujito

I have had such a
confusing month, I’m not sure how to write about it! Things seemed to
be improving at physical therapy–and then they weren’t.  Worse, I was
suddenly in a lot of pain, and lost a significant amount of the little
mobility I had gotten back.

It seems that my shoulder got re-injured–and nobody seems to
agree what exactly happened to it. One physical therapist was sure it
was bursitis, another thought perhaps it wasn’t really an injury but
scar tissue that had popped, causing pain and swelling, the
chiropractor thought that everything pointed to a grade 1 separation of
the Acromio-clavicular joint (see,
and the orthopedist still insists that we don’t need any additional
tests, and that the whole problem is that I need surgery for the
original torn rotator cuff!

I think about all the risks of surgery–anesthesia, infection, scar
tissue, and the fact that even the very best surgeon can have a lousy
day–I want to be very sure that I actually need it before I agree to
it.  In fact, I want to be able to see for myself exactly WHAT is
either not healing or is healing badly ; I don’t want a fishing
expedition on my shoulder, not when my career depends on my being able
to move that shoulder.

the logical next step is to ask for a second opinion.  Sounds
simple–but when I called at the beginning of April to ask for an
appointment, I was told that they could offer me one in June.  I
finally got an appointment (at a different office) for the middle of

the meantime, I am continuing with physical therapy, the pain and
swelling are subsiding, and mobility and range of motion are improving
once again.  And I am still confus

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