Tortelier/Wagner/Debussy – Chuck Lirette

It is 7:45pm and I am backstage in the greenroom here at Heinz Hall.
Tonight we are working with maestro Tortelier in a program that
includes "Overture to Der fliegende Hollander" (The Flying Dutchman) by
Richard Wagner and "La Mer" three symphonic sketches by Claude Debussy.
Contrast indeed because Wagner states and developes whereas Debussy
evokes and suggests.

Now it is Wednesday March 15th. The concerts were wonderful.
Tortelier is a great conductor. I’ve had the Debussy running through my
mind sice this weekend. Next week we play Dvorak with Andrés Cárdenes.
No doubt those themes will be stuck with me for the following week.

More next week.


3 thoughts on “Tortelier/Wagner/Debussy – Chuck Lirette”

  • I’ve just heard Tortelier conduct the New Zealand Symphony Orchestra in La Mer. I fully appreciate the sounds still running through your ears.A great French conductor in a finely tuned ,magnificent performance. His devoted conducting skills brought the finest playing from the NZSO.

  • To find totally new and unexpected joy and wonder in my lifetime of 61 years is the only way I have to discribe my Friday night at the Symphony.
    I have discovered the cure for my sports intrests. THE WODERFUL PITTSBURGH SMYPHONY!! A total joy ! Thrilling and delicious evening. THANKS!!

  • Wow! You have really become an amazingly accomplished artist, Chuck! I smile to remember the irresistible young man in a soft leather jacket I knew in Buffalo, NY 35 years ago! What fun to come across your photo and read your bio. Well, done, old friend! May your successes continue to multiply and bring you much joy.

    Warm regards,
    Carol Shapiro

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