Santa visits the PSO – Lawrence Loh

I’m the backup conductor for the holiday pops this week, and last
night, I brought my 3-year old son Charlie with me.  He’s really into
going to concerts, in fact, he begs to go!  He often points out – "this
is the Pittsburgh Symphony, not the Dallas one" (where we used to live
– he loves both orchestras, but likes to point out that distinction)

didn’t know that the REAL Santa was going to be in the concert during
the second half.  During intermission, we went backstage, and we
knocked on Santa’s door and Charlie met Santa!  Charlie has already
spoken to Santa several times (every time, Dad just misses it!) and
previously told Santa what he wanted for Christmas:  a pair of Cymbals,
a Gordon Train and a Racing Car.

At the Hall, Charlie was very very skeptical at first, until Santa
said "Hi Charlie – I know what you want for Christmas – – some Cymbals
(Charlie grunted wide-eyed… ‘yeh"), a Gordon Train (Charlie again
with the affirmative) and a Racing Car (Charlie was taken aback and
said an uncontrolled "YES")!" He could barely shake Santa’s hand, but
did pose for this picture for Dad with his cameraphone!

Charlie’s being an especially good boy today.

I’ve enjoyed the spirit of these concerts – sometimes it’s tough to
play a concert 7-8 times in a row with the highest level of commitment
and enthusiasm, but I’ve been very impressed by the PSO and especially
my pal and colleague Dan Meyer, resident conductor. Dan has been a
regular "Jay Leno" at the podium and his banter with the audience
changes each night according to the feel of the audience. Very fun to

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