Pride from several states away – Jessica Schmidt

The PSO’s Midwest Tour is wrapping up, and based on reports from the
road, it sounds as though it has been a huge success.  Life around
Heinz Hall over this past week has been a bit lonely.  Whenever the
orchestra leaves for a tour, we as staff members find ourselves feeling
a bit like kids in the summer who wave goodbye to their friends leaving
for summer camp.  We know that camp will be a great experience for our
friends, but we miss them while they are away.  With that said, it has
been a week of anxiously awaiting reports from the tour buses and
having feelings of great pride for the PSO from a distance.

If you haven’t already taken a look, be sure to visit the "Midwest
" blog page.  Co-principal trumpet Chuck Lirette and violist
Stephanie Tretick are posting daily reports of the tour as they travel
from city to city.  Chuck is an excellent photographer and has managed
to capture the very human side of touring with a group of over 100 PSO
family members.  Stephanie has been writing the captions for the
photos, and has a wonderful ability to share insights about life on
stage and backstage through her words. 

The PSO returns home on Sunday after playing a last concert in
Bloomington, IN (my alma mater…Stephanie promised me she’d stop by my
favorite IU music school food and drink hangout, Bear’s Place, for me)
on Saturday evening.  They have Sunday through Tuesday to rest and
recover from their travels, and then they move straight into rehearsals
with Maestro Peter Oundjian for concerts on December 9th and 11th.
After what I know has been an exciting and exhausting week of travel
for our musicians and a rather quiet week here at the PSO offices, I
think I speak for the entire PSO staff when I say that we will be happy
to have the orchestra back home safe and sound in Heinz Hall next
Tuesday for rehearsal.  It’s great to wave goodbye to your friends as
they go off to "camp"- but you always enjoy the day they come home even

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