Doc Day Video – Bob Lauver

There seems to be a growing consensus that this little idea that I had
will be okay for the blog.  Any time there is video and sound connected
with performing artists there needs to be great attention paid to how
the video relates to contracts and the rights of performers.  My hope
is that this blog can be enhanced, and in so doing will add a fun new
dimension to the "behind the scenes" feel of it.  Hope you like it.

Here is what I put up in draft form before trying to get approval to
post it officially…’s outdated, but it represents the fledgling
effort of the first video blog entry:

Original entry date, November ’05

The week is done, but we’re still talking.  Here is that video that
I referred to in my last post….not a lot of substance, but it was fun
to do.  The music is just stock stuff out of the video editing software
that I used, otherwise I would have credited it at the end.  I left
very little on the cutting room floor. 

Download docblog.wmv

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