The Delight of the Familiar & the Surprise of the New: Liszt, Tchaikovsky and Respighi – Naomi Yoran

A concert which combines the familiar and the new is perfect for me. Last Friday it was perfect!
I can listen to Tchaikovsky’s Violin Concerto any time.
Last Friday Leonidas Kavakos performed it with such virtuosity, it was
almost as though I heard it the first time! I even had the impression
that the orchestra was swept away by his unique combination of energy
& contemplation.This does not happen often: The known percieved as
new! It is my hidden desire from a live concert.

Familiarity has its degrees: Liszt’s Orpheus brought back to me with a sense of sweet sadness.
The combination of eternal beauty and the passing of time. The
story of Orpheus is familiar. If we would not know it from literature
we would probably recognize it in our own lives. The Greeks were the
masters of transforming personal emotions into epics. Liszt, for me,
transfored it back: From epics to private emotions.
Did I read in the program that Liszt was superficial? I respectfully disagree.
Respighi is relatively new to me. I was introduced to The Pines of Rome
a few years ago when the Orchestra performed it with Mariss Jansons
(& I thought then that it was his sense of drama to stage the brass
on the gallery!…) The Metamorphosen Mondi XII was entirely
new to my ears & it was a happy surprise. In a way, having two
compositions by Respighi was just right. They reinforced each other and
gave me a stronger sense of this composer: Colorful, playful,
imaginative. This concert makes me wish to continue & listen to his
Interestingly, "my young music buddy", Everett, who joined me for
this concert, preferred Respighi over Tchaikovsky. It was not just the
dramatic effects which won his heart. It was the contemporary sound
reaching a young afficionado.

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