Vacation – Bob Lauver

Ahhhh….the sound of that word conjures up visions of palm trees,
breezes and those bright colored drinks with the little umbrellas.  In
reality?  Unstructured time in which to get back into the swing of
helping out at home without getting in the way. That and practice for the following week’s programs (can’t come
back out of shape).  For me, it’s much better to be at Heinz Hall
playing rehearsals and concerts than it is to be in my practice room at
home keeping muscles from going slack.  We just finished a month of
music that had a pacing and conductor line-up that was as strong as it
gets.  It’s hard to walk away from that for a week.

Reflecting back on the week’s performances make me excited for the
upcoming midwest tour which features the same program with a little
variation here and there.  One thing in particular I’m looking forward
to is playing at Indiana University because my one horn student that
graduated from high school last June is a freshman there.  She’s a big
fan of the section and it’ll be fun for her to have her friends hear
what she listened to while she grew up in Pittsburgh.  I was nuts for
the horn section of the Baltimore Symphony when I went to school at
Peabody.  I sat in the hall just stoked with excitement waiting for
each great thing that came along.  There’s a special relationship
between music students and the orchestra that they listen to.  It often
forms the sound to which we aspire as  orchestral musicians. 

Martin’s memorial service yesterday was beautiful.  It was
definitely a celebration of his life combined with the meditation on a
life too short.  I hope that the service is something that fits into
everybody’s memory of Martin with fondness.  It does for me.

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