Hello! – Christina Johnson

I ought to introduce myself, since this is my first
post. My name is Christina Johnson, and
I’m in my second year of grad school at Carnegie Mellon, in the Master of Arts
Management program at the Heinz School. Although I’m interested in performing arts
management in general, my background is in classical music, and I’m focused on
working with both orchestral music and contemporary music and composers of all

Since I moved to Pittsburgh last year, I’ve felt continually lucky to have such a wonderful orchestra
nearby. It seems like at each concert I
attend, there’s a different section or soloist I ‘hear for the first time’ and
appreciate anew. When friends and family
from other cities ask me if I like living in Pittsburgh, the arts scene and the symphony
are always one of the first things I mention that make the city an enjoyable
place to be.

School’s been busy lately, so I’ve been lax in writing about
the concerts I’ve seen so far this season. The beginning of my rundown:

Stravinsky & Beethoven: A pleasing
first concert of the season. While picking up my tickets, there was a
huge line of people buying day
of performance tickets, which makes me smile. I love that people are
actually lining up to go see Beethoven and
Stravinsky. Being a broke college
student, I generally purchase cheap seats in the balcony for most arts
events. For this concert, I was up much
closer than normal… main level center. Getting spoiled with nice seats
once and awhile always reminds me how
amazing sitting close can be. Especially
for Rite of Spring, being close to the orchestra made the piece much
emphatic. When you’re close enough to
see the details of the conductor’s movements, and the intensity of the
bowing, the experience becomes much more engrossing. The immediacy
makes it easier to concentrate
on the performance and be swept up in the music. I always try to sit up
close if I’m bringing
a friend to the symphony or opera for the first time – to immerse them
in the
experience more.

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