French Lushness:Berlioz, Bizet & Ravel – Naomi Yoran

I am just back from a concert which was titled "French Lushness" in
honor of the composers and the French conductor, Yan Pascal Tortelier.
It is interesting that in general we tend to make a point of French
music being vivid, colorful, sensual & impressionistic. The term
‘profound’ is usually reserved for the 19th century German & 20th
century Russian composers.

Come to think of it, the difference in the genres of music might
have reflected the expectations of the French listening public. French
society (i.e: Paris’ Middle Class) flocked to the opera & the
ballet more than to symphonic music and the composers obliged. (Berlioz
and Bizet, each composed only one Symphony.)

The question, of course: was it a good concert? Absolutely!
To the "colorful, sensual & impressionistic" I am adding:
"exuberance! The feeling of optimism, high spirit and love of life
permiated the concert from start to finish."  From Berlioz’s vigorous Roman Carnival to Ravel’s delisious Daphnis and Chloe with Bizet’s sumptuous Suite from L’Arlesienne this was a concert fitting Thanksgiving!

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