Anticipation – Bob Lauver

If dress rehearsals are any indication of how a
concert is going to turn out, we’re all in for a treat.  Fruhbeck de
Burgos has "hearsed and rehearsed" us and gives me the impression that
he knows my part better than me (we all know better though!!).  I’m
really looking forward to this weekend’s concerts…

I’m very excited looking at this season.  Tune
after great tune…….I know it’s fun for us to have the challenge of
week after week of beefy repertoire, I hope that the audiences get a
kick out of it, too. 

Some of my favorite moments this weekend are:
Mike Rusinek’s solos in the 1st movement of the Beethoven (lots of
other places, too….but especially there).  Bill Caballero’s rainbow
after the storm, at the beginning of the 5th movement……magical.
Nancy Goeres’ opening to the Stravinsky which comes out of nowhere,
setting the tone for everything to follow.  Tim Adams’ unbelievable
power and energy in the Danse Sacrale (I’m so lucky to sit right in the
middle of this collection of musicians).  I’ll check in after the
weekend to blab about it some more.  Enjoy!

Bob Lauver, PSO 2nd Horn

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